Borie, Albas

Out running with Hebe, we came up to the stone Borie atop the Chateau Eugenie vineyards above Albas…

And at that moment the sun broke through the clouds and produced the scene I managed to record above. I had been taking quite an interest in photography at about that time and had researched and purchased various bits of equipment, but this showed that the best camera is the one you have with you. And in this case it was an iPhone SE.


Strictly speaking this post shouldn’t be here as it actually pre-dates this blog by a year (from May 2016), but it’s my blog so….

The reasons for including it are that we have done very little windsurfing over the last couple of years, but when the conditions are right it is a huge amount of FUN! We used to live on the south coast of England where the wind and water conditions made it much easier to get out. Here in the Lot windy weather is less frequent and it involves a drive to Toulouse or even down to the coast. This video was made by Alexander and captures a bit of the fun factor on a lake near Blagnac.

Windsuring Toulouse

Hello World!

Well This Is New!

Not really…. I’ve been blogging in one form or another as in “creating content on the Internet for the amusement, or some would say, irritation of others” for about 15 years.

It probably started with the not so fondly remembered FrenchEntree site that Amanda and I created back in 2005. Since then I have created numerous other websites and kept up a busy family forum which is full of blogging type material but only visible to a limited audience. I also use YouTube for videos, Whattsapp for quick family communications and am a passive member of Facebook.

But I thought it was time to try running a publicly visible blog on which I can publish stuff that interests me and send links to stuff that might interest others. Feel free to ignore the whole thing. On the other hand if you want to follow what I’ve been up to and have planned, welcome to my blog !


Omega and Alpha, The End and The Beginning

If you have got to this point in my blog, congratulations ! This marks the end of the posts which are sorted in reverse date order, but is the beginning of this blog – which was inspired by and is dedicated to Amanda “The Quercy Goddess”.

This is the glorious Quercy, I’m not saying it’s heaven, but it must run it pretty close…

Amanda LAWRENCE – White Stone Black Wine

Amanda taught me many things in our 25+ years together, not least of which was how to cook, but she also showed me how to enjoy life and make the most of what we have. She always encouraged me in the pursuit of my hobbies – cars, bikes, windsurfing…, while not necessarily joining in herself. That option is sadly no longer available but I have continued to play with my toys, travel and generally enjoy life and this blog attempts to record some of that “joie de vie”.