Long weekend in Paris with Lucy – organised by me this time! I had been to Paris a couple of times before but far more years ago than I care to remember and had fond memories of the experience. So I thought a trip to Paris in the spring time would be a nice thing to do. I could and would have gone on my own but it is usually more interesting to go with someone else and the first person I asked was Lucy and she said yes.

Our little apartment (AirBnB) was perfect and the location was ideal, near Montmartre. We had three full days and managed 25,000 steps per day and covered all the main sights. The weather wasn’t very encouraging but we managed to avoid getting wet. Lucy insisted on visiting the Haute Couture Boutiques, which seemed to be frequented by orientals. And she managed to find some lovely summer shoes for Bella (not from Prada though).

Overall I did feel a little let down because the Paris I remembered was exotic and foreign and exciting. Having lived in France for 15 years the novelty seems to have worn off, which is a shame. On an earlier visit the Pompidou centre looked new and exciting, now it is looking a bit old and tired – like many of us I suppose.

Nevertheless it was wonderful to spend some time with Lucy and we had a great time. Although Lucy wasn’t very impressed when we stopped to chat to some artists in Montmartre and they thought Lucy was my girlfriend!