Keeping Up With The Boys

Out with some of the lads from the Lot of Bikes crew this morning.

Adam (15) from Albas on a 300 Gas Gas 2T
Alfie (20 ?) on a Honda CR250 Motocross Bike 4T
Lionel (20+) on a KTM four stroke

All three were going fast the whole time, but did keep stopping to let me catch up. As with the Dordogne experience I found I have to push really hard to keep up, which is much faster than my normal pace so I try for a bit and then settle into a more comfortable speed.

Bike was fantastic – with new knobbies and new helmet and goggles. Need to look at getting some air flaps to be able to lift the goggles slightly forwards to clear misting. Even in its detuned form it has the power to keep up but feels much more manageable.

Plus points of the bike :
Light weight makes it easier to change direction and push it back up when things go a bit wrong
Suspension is great – soaks up the bumps and very stable
Controllable power – enough but not too much
Light clutch which gets slipped a lot on climbs
6 speed gearbox allowing low gearing for climbs but OK on the road at 50 mph.
Riding position – seems fine. I did buy some bar riser spacers but haven’t felt the need to use them.

Starting to sit for tighter corners – big improvement in confidence
Need to consider sitting for smooth corners as well.

We did some ridiculous hill climbs – I swear there were one of two that were near vertical at the top. I did need some help to get up a couple of them.

Need more forearm grip strength/endurance. Blisters coming back again – have ordered some different grips which might help.

Bike running better with the Suzuki needle. Still not perfect. Have ordered a different slide.

Wore the same camo gear as the Dordogne without the lining as there was rain forecast and we did see some – but it’s all too hot. Need to be able to wear my lightweight gear (with armour underneath) and carry some sort of packable rain gear.

This video is the boys having fun, going far too fast, crashing and carrying on…

Alfie Down

Having done some riding in the area around Alfie’s place, we were persuaded to head over to Adam’s place in Albas with the promise of Cake! Some of these trails I know and the trail that goes right past my house I know very well indeed. So when the boys running at their usual flat out speed came to this section I was actually able to keep up – watch closely and it should show you why I find trail riding such fantastic FUN!

Fast and Fun