Cahors Blues Festival 2017

The Fabulous Trio

Went into Cahors with Alexander to see some of the Blues Festival. This was another first because although it has been on for many years we have never managed to get over there (it’s only half an hour away).

They have some paid shows but also have some bands playing for free at various points around the city. We came across the Fabulous Trio and they were brilliant. However, they seem to be based in the North of France and most of their gigs are a long way from here.

The Fabulous Trio

Albas AutoCross

We have lived in Albas for thirteen years and never once visited the Autocross, which is an event that takes place every year and is only 15 minutes from the house. This year (2017) Alexander and I made the effort to get over there…

Albas Autocross June 2017