Golden Gnome Treasure Hunt

So we spent an hour or more plotting bearings on a map to places we couldn’t find – there were cryptic clues “water comes out of the ground near under Uber” was one. But the bearings were all taken from the lunch stop and we didn’t know where that was. Eventually with help we found all the places and set off with a target distance and speed to achieve – but with no time to plan the best route. At each place you had to find something and then solve a problem to unlock a combination lock and collect an arm band. At some places there was a challenge – ride around an obstacle course balancing an egg, pot as many pool balls in one minute, wine tasting, crazy hill climb and swimming for the clue in Montcuq lake. I didn’t try the hill climb – most people did and crashed. Lunch stop was in the middle of nowhere – and we couldn’t be sure where. I was leading and following a trail on the map which I thought would get us close. But it entered a wood and petered out. Simon decided to bash on through the wood and within 50m we were there. Emerging from the trees to the surprise of the others. More clues at lunch time and more route plotting. No idea who won!

Video by Einar