Winter adventure in a Quatrelle?

I find the January-February season in this part of the world to be less enjoyable that the rest of the year – it’s cold, dark and everyone seems to be hibernating. We are often blessed with great Autumn weather that sometimes seems to keep going almost until the festive season.

But once Christmas has been and gone it is back to cold reality and awaiting the first signs of Spring. For the last couple of years I have taken to being away as much as possible over this period and plans are afoot for 2020.

My old mate Dougie from the UK and myself are planning some sort of motorbike trip South in early January, with the current favourite being to fly to Morocco and do a motorbike tour on rented bikes. That still leaves several weeks unaccounted for.. For the last two years I have been away for a week with Alexander and Georgina (Pod and Gij) to Morocco (Agadir and Marrakesh). When we were there last year we got caught up in the final stage of the Renault 4L Trophy. This is a humanitarian rally/raid open to students which involves taking a prepared Renault 4 down through France and Spain and across the Moroccan desert to deliver educational supplies to schools. They usually have over a thousand entrants.

This sowed the seed of an idea – why not buy a Renault 4 and do a trip to Morocco?
How hard can it be?
Unfortunately the actual Trophy event is only open to students up to 28 years of age so I’m excluded. But we could still follow some of the route…

Went to look at a Renault 4 today (see pic above), which is a possibility but it has no CT and would require a lot of work. Need to look at some more to get a better feel for the cars…