In recent years I’ve been visiting family in the UK during the Autumn (Oct/Nov), which has been a substitute for visiting over the Christmas period which I used to do in the old days.  This year the visit was also arranged around attending my Niece Lauren’s wedding (my sister Sara’s second daughter).  For some reason, which now eludes me, I decided to drive over in the van (I no longer have a car), which was probably a mistake as I spent far too long travelling and the cost is significantly more than flying – lesson learned.  However, it did give me the flexibility to travel around the country and get to see everybody : Chris & Corinne in Newcastle, Sara in Preston, Lauren’s wedding in Clitheroe, Felicity in Manchester, Lucy in Horsham plus calling in to see Nanna (Amanda’s mum).

Here follows a selection of photos from the trip…

Dropped Hebe dog off with Alexander and Laurena in Limoges.
Calais beach
Chris hard at work using his CNC milling machine to make stair parts out of oak.
New ferrets !
Big horse and little horses.
Moving furniture into the loft conversion.
All done – some of them were very heavy.
Next job – tile the porch
First clean the slate tiles that have been standing outside for three years !
In progress. Quite tricky as the tiles are natural slate with big thickness variations.
Job done.
Tricky work trimming the edges to fit.
Playing with the big boys toys to get a new bale for the horses.
This might come in useful one day ?
Quad with bale tailer – had to pump the tyres up.
Another job ticked off the list.
Guess who’s been to visit ?
Rowan and Freya – Zoe’s new twins. Zoe is Sara’s eldest.
Family dinner with Sara
Morning run along “Old Tram Path”
Lauren and Ben’s wedding
The happy couple
Mother of the bride on the dancefloor
Morning run in a rainy Manchester
Curious name for a pub?
Big Coffee !
My favouriste Manchester breakfast – Eggs Benedict at Crumbs 102
Bella and Hollie
Pumpkin time…
What a cutie…
Back in Limoges and out for a run with Hebe dog.
Back in Albas – weather has turned cold and wet since I left.