Following Dougie and Mark’s visit earlier in the month and my initiation into trail riding, the Duke had to go – despite it being my “dream bike”. Years ago, when I was working in the UK I did a secondment to one of our offices in the Midlands and used to chat about bikes with my boss – the MD. When the time came to move back down South he presented me with an envelope – inside was an unexpected bonus cheque and a KTM Duke 2 brochure, which I still have. It wasn’t until ten years later in France that I actually bought the bike.
Lots of pictures of the bike here:

Here is the sales copy I produced for the English ad:

Most fun you can have with your clothes on?
For sale my mint condition KTM Duke. Fast and fun with massive grin factor, without getting up to silly superbike speeds. Very quick up to 70-80 mph and will see off sportsbikes in the twisties.
The KTM Duke is arguably the biking equivalent of the Mark 1 Golf GTi and heading for similar classic status – taking a motocross derived chassis and engine and making it “civilised” for the street with quality suspension components, big Brembo brakes and fat sticky tyres. This was one of the first supermotos purpose built for the road rather than being a converted off roader.
145Kg and 55hp.
The quality of the parts is excellent – Fully adjustable WP suspension, Magura bars, exquisite BBS wheels, Honda replica switchgear, lightweight screws, stainless steel oil lines, and hardened aluminium parts like the work-of-art brake pedal and eccentric chain adjusters.
MCN review : The Duke’s a mad indulgence, but it’s one of the most charismatic and beautiful motorcycles you can buy.
This is a 2003 bike and has covered only 8,600 Km. I have owned her for the last seven years and done more admiring and polishing than riding. Nothing needed on the maintenance front – ready to ride. Recently changed oil and filters, new radiator and hoses. Tyres are virtually new. Front is an AVON PXR – a road legal racing wet (ideal on a lightweight supermoto) and the rear is a ContiAttack SM – a semi slick supermoto specific tyre. French bike not an import, carte grise in my name.
The only mods I have made are the usual Duke 2 tweaks of derestricted airbox and debaffled silencers – it sounds awesome. Comes with original parts which could be refitted to return completely to stock in 20mins.
Good examples of these bikes are not depreciating any more and are on their way to classic status so this could be a good investment as well as a big boy’s toy.
Go on, you know you want to.