Having successfully completed the Sport Adventure Normandie event I felt I had completed my trail riding apprenticeship. The Scorpa Trials had given me an excellent early grounding in basic balance, slow speed manoevering, throttle and clutch control. But it was not suitable for the Normandie event which led to the purchase of the T-ride, specifically to do so. I gradually realised that good though the Scorpas undoubtedly are, they are the output of a very small scale manufacturer, were produced for only a few years and are getting rather old. I found I had to make various modifications to them to overcome issues that had not been well enough engineered and the parts supply was quite a challenge. So I sold them both and started to look for a do-everything Enduro type bike. I had quickly learned to value light weight and felt that a 2T is always going to be simpler and lighter than an equivalent 4T, so my search narrowed to looking for a modern 250 2T enduro.

Result – a 2016 KTM 250 EXC.

The Souelliat Loop