The Urban Trials event has been held in Cahors for a few years, but I had never been to see it before. This was the August 2018 event and it was amazing, particularly if you have ridden a trials bike and can understand the amount of skill and control that these riders have.

Toni BOU is the world No.1 and rides a Montesa 4RT for the factory Honda team – in fact he won this event although it was very close. The sections are set out and cordoned off in various parts of Cahors centre and the riders move from one section to the other to complete the course. When they arrive at a new section they park the bike and walk the section to decide on how they are going to tackle it, choose the best lines, etc. I just happend to be there as Toni BOU pulled up and I got to hold his bike for him while he walked the section! Famous at last?

Definitely a date for the diary for 2019.

Toni BOU