For our post-VINCE trail riding this year we were joined by Dougie’s daughter Millie, so we called the first part of our adventure the “Millie Mondo” – until she had to head off to Barcelona to fly back to the UK. The second part was just Doug and myself on our Honda CRFs which we called the “Honda Mondo”.

For the VINCE we were based in Casa Lecina, which was near the main resort that Austin had booked but was right at the edge of the trail network he had established. So for the Millie Mondo we moved to a small hotel (Casa Custodio) in La Roda de Isabena. Some of our friends from the VINCE had the same idea are were staying at a nearby campsite and were able to join in some of the rides. This was much more leisurely and about exploring the area so I’ll let the pictures and captions speak for themselves…

Out running before sunrise at Casa Lecina
Casa Lecina and the village of Palo, viewed from the valley below.
Feet up with a cup of tea after the VINCE
I think this tyre has seen better days…
Mille leading our morning exercise class…
Coffee stop in Campo en route to Isabena.
Campo Church
Near Isabena – Dougie and Millie went for a swim in the river
Another medieval bridge, near Graus this time
Proper breakfast at Casa Custodio (no English spoken though)
View from the tower at Fantova
Fantova tower from the church.
Inside the ruined church of San Martin
Doug, Millie and Eva make up the congregation.
Picnic lunch at San Isidra (with Nigel)
CP704 On top of the world

After the Millie Mondo, Doug and I moved on again to the catalan region (we had been in Aragon) and headed for Oliana. Our idea was to park the vans at Hotel Cal Petit and set off on the bikes for a few days, staying at different places along the way. After a few days we would return to the vans, load up and head back home via Andorra, where Dougie wanted to do some shopping…

Jeboil tea stop en route to Oliana
Google Maps must think I’m still on my dirt bike if it expects me to drive up this…
Nearly there… This monument is from 2009 when the Tour de France came through here.
View from our first stop in Cambrils – that table is solid stone !
Trditional carafe of wine in the restaurant.
Massive toast for breakfast.
On the trail…
Amazing views everywhere.
View of Pedraforca from our casa rurale – Rustic Vilella
The Gaudi building…
Inside the refuge, next to the Gaudi Building
Plenty of room to bed down for the night.
Pedraforca in the morning light
Repsol garage coffee stop.
Small hill top village
Back to Cal Petit and loaded up…
Into Andorra – 1 deg and snow !
Dougie shopping for moon boots…
Big beers in Andorra
..and a big breakfast !

There was no food in the house when we got back so we went into Cahors to find something to eat..

River Lot reflections
Gambetta sunset.
This makes a change from the very meaty Spanish diet…

So that’s it for the Spanish trip this year. Next on the agenda is some trail riding in the UK in October (Dorset), a December trip with the bike to Morocco and then my annual migration to Portugal in Jan/Feb…