Ford Focus

Having sold the Faithful Freelander I was reduced to using my bikes and the M3W for transport. This was actually quite good fun – not quite so good in the rain and luggage capacity rather limited though. I started looking for a replacement vehicle but realised I would have to ride there and back to […]

Freelander Farewell

The Faithful Freelander has now departed to pastures new (not before time many would say). It had completed 310,000 miles which is half a million kilometres and done a superb job as a willing workhorse for my 10 years of ownership. This post summarises some of the history of the car… 2007 Land Rover Freelander […]

Post VINCE Trail Riding

After the VINCE we did one more day of riding in the same area (Arnes – inland from Tarragona), then moved 2h North to the Arragon region to join Austin VINCE for some scouting of trails for the VINCE 2022 event – camping this time as we had been staying in the hotel for the […]

The VINCE 2020

This was my second year of competing in the VINCE, a two day navigation event based in the Spanish Pyrenees. Last year I was teamed up with Dougie and Mark and we scored 39 points. This year it was just Dougie and myself and we managed to more than double our score and finished second […]

Suzuki DR350S

I had been on the lookout for another bike that would serve as a bike for Alexander to use when he is down from Limoges, but also for guests to use and local running about. I didn’t have anything very specific in mind – cheap, simple, manageable – and then my mate Phil mentioned he […]