Suzuki DR350S

I had been on the lookout for another bike that would serve as a bike for Alexander to use when he is down from Limoges, but also for guests to use and local running about. I didn’t have anything very specific in mind – cheap, simple, manageable – and then my mate Phil mentioned he […]

Capri RS3100

At the end of my last post : My First Car. I was stuck in lodgings in Shoreham with a written off car and no real means to buy another one. I needed something now and cheap – didn’t really matter what it was and there was certainly no need to go for anything “big […]

My First Car

The year is 1982 and I have just graduated from Durham University and ridden back home to the folks in Preston on my Honda CBX. The bike story so far is covered here : Bikes – The Early Years. I am due to start work at Ricardo Consulting Engineers at Shoreham-By-Sea in Sussex in mid-August […]

Bikes – Off-Road

Most of this has been covered already on this blog so I apologise in advance for repeating myself, and I will add links to the other detailed articles with videos within this post for anybody who’s really bored. Why Off-Road ? I am very fortunate to live in an area that is criss-crossed with trails […]

Bikes – Big Boys Toys

In the early days when I was at University bikes were an essential form of transport. They were also tremendous fun as you can probably tell from the previous post where my objective seemed to be to get the biggest and fastest bike as soon as possible. leaving University in Durham and starting work at […]